Wuxi Guangwei Environmental Protection?Technology Co.,LTD(GWE),is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in researching,manufacturing,selling and servicing of environmental protection and energy-saving surface treatment equipments,as well as their peripheral equipments.

GWE owns a group pf people who have profound & professional experience in surface treatment industry for more than 20 years.Since the first day of establishment,GWE has been keeping the business concept of “Quality Oriented,Technology Leading,Credibility Foremost and Win-win Cooperation”.GWE implements ISO9001:2008 QMS and 5S Spot Management from every aspect,and we’ll constantly improve the scientific management level in the coming days.

GWE locates in Yangshi,Huishan District,Wuxi city,where the transportation is convenient and the economy is active,with a manufacturing & assembly workshop of 6000sqm in total.GWE provides customized equipments and services according to customer’s requirement.Currently GWE mainly engaged in the following equipments:reel-to-reel high speed continuous electroplating equipment,special precised electroplating equipments tailor-made for various LED stent such as in-line,SMD,high power and SMD,electroplating equipments for different types of IC leadframe and wire,newly full-automatic or semi-auto barrel &rack plating equipments,together with other peripheral equipments including industrial water treatment equipments,air purifying equipments in workshop and industrial cleaning equipments.

The products and services supplied by GWE have already covered a variety of industrial sectors,such as electronics and electric,automobile and new energy,hardwares and tools etc.Our customers spread all over the developed areas like Yangtse-delta and Pan-pearl region,also we’ve exported to South Asia and the Middle East countries.All of our products and services enjoy a high reputation among our customers.

We sincerely hope friends and customers from every industry continuously support and care GWE.GWE is willing to work with you,in the hope of expanding wider areas of cooperation? and building a better future.

Telephone:0510-83553568 E-mail:zhaowh@gw-iem.com
Address:9 Xianghe Road, North Industrial Park, Yangshi Town, Luoshe Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City
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