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Zhejiang enterprises are keen to attract overseas intelligence to make small parts factories and become big manufacturers


Yesterday morning, the 13th Zhejiang talent fair was held in Ningbo.

In the past 12 years, through the platform of "Zhejiang trade fair", Zhejiang Province has completed more than 3300 planned intelligence introduction projects, introduced more than 4200 overseas experts, and solved more than 5400 technical problems.

Compared with the previous conference on the introduction of overseas talents, this year's conference is more targeted than in previous years. "Developing marine economy and expanding emerging industries" is the theme of this year's Zhejiang International Trade Fair, and this fair is based on this theme.

Representatives of strong foreign economic and technological experts, science, education, culture and health experts and foreign talent agencies were invited to attend the fair. 17 persons in charge of 16 expert organizations from 14 countries, including the United States, France, Italy, Russia and Japan, came to the scene of the fair.

The European Union of experts can provide experts in the fields of agriculture, textile, petroleum, chemical industry, electronics, architecture, tourism, machinery, urban planning, etc.; the Japanese Society of technologists has a strong expert force in the fields of machinery, shipping and ocean, aerospace, electrical and electronic, chemical fiber, aquatic products, bioengineering, environment, etc.; the French international technology exchange and consultation organization can provide services for Zhejiang enterprises Institutions provide experts in leather, plastics, petrochemical, construction, machinery and other fields.

The participating enterprises and institutions also brought more than 420 intelligence introduction projects for docking and negotiation with expert organizations. These projects are assembled by Zhejiang provincial human resources and social security department around the economic transformation and upgrading of Zhejiang Province, accelerating the development of marine industry, accelerating the improvement of industrial independent innovation ability and service industry innovation ability, and facing all parts and departments of the province. They are mainly concentrated in the fields of industry, agriculture and high-tech, so as to help enterprises and institutions in Zhejiang Province solve the problems of new technology, new materials and new products The bottleneck and difficult problem of the research and development and popularization and application of.

There used to be an enterprise that made musical instrument parts. After introducing foreign experts, it became a big piano manufacturer three years later. There is also an enterprise that makes pneumatic valves. They sell the same parts for 30 yuan, 100 yuan in Taiwan, 300 yuan in Japan and 500 yuan in Germany. After the introduction of experts, the successful transformation and upgrading, the parts sold to more than 100 yuan, still the same raw materials, only the technical content improved.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Bureau of foreign experts, such examples are numerous. Agricultural enterprises, after introducing foreign experts, have introduced high-quality fruits and grains. At present, we have enjoyed many delicious fruits thanks to foreign experts. After the introduction of experts, fishery enterprises have bred excellent varieties, such as shrimp, large yellow croaker and other seafood.

During the interview, the reporter learned that enterprises had concerns about the introduction of intelligence before, and there was not much support. However, as more and more enterprises tasted the benefits of the introduction of intelligence, entrepreneurs deeply realized the importance of technology and talents. The introduction of intelligence can not only bring technology, but also bring international vision.

This year, many enterprises spontaneously came to participate in the conference on the introduction of overseas talents and intelligence. More than 20 enterprises came to Shaoxing, more than 10 enterprises came to Huzhou, and many scattered enterprises spontaneously came.

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