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China Auto Parts Industry Corporation plans to build an industrial base in Xiangyang


It is reported that China Auto Parts Industry Corporation is a well-known auto parts integration service provider and a leading domestic auto parts enterprise. Founded in 1983, the company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Machinery Industry Corporation. The company is committed to the production and manufacturing of auto parts, domestic vehicle factory supporting, international famous brand agent and international purchasing agent. Headquartered in Beijing, production bases are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places. There are more than 100 parts manufacturing enterprises under the group company and its affiliated joint marketing group, which are distributed in the main parts production places in China. So far, the company's business has spread over more than 140 countries and regions in the world, and is one of the largest international contracting and import and export trade enterprises in China.

Chen kangren said that it is the concept of China Auto Parts Industry Corporation to serve the car maker and the car user. Xiangyang's automobile industry has a place in the country, and the future development potential of parts industry is huge. China Auto Parts Industry Corporation has built 11 industrial bases in Suzhou, Zhongshan and other places. The company will join the boom of Xiangyang auto industry development and build a new industrial base in Xiangyang. The company will make use of its own resources, talents and capital advantages to quickly form a cluster of auto parts industry, so that China's own auto enterprises can enjoy the investment treatment of the world's top 500.

Address:9 Xianghe Road, North Industrial Park, Yangshi Town, Luoshe Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City
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