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The strategic way for the spare parts industry to seek "one branch alone"


Su Zimeng, Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, revealed in an exclusive interview during the "China Construction Machinery Market Summit Forum" that the two sets of support schemes will be divided by 20 MPa, and different support policies will be adopted for parts above and below 20 MPa. MPA refers to the working pressure that construction machinery parts can bear.

China's construction machinery industry has achieved rapid development in recent 10 years, and the output value of the whole industry is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan in 2010. According to the industry planning, by 2015, the output value of construction machinery industry will exceed 900 billion yuan.

However, the further development of China's construction machinery industry is restricted by key parts. At present, most of the key parts including hydraulic parts and transmission system need to be imported from abroad, which leads to high production cost and lack of international competitiveness of domestic machine enterprises.

Su Zimeng said that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the construction machinery industry will focus on solving the problem of short board of key parts. He said that now is the best time to invest in the field of key parts of construction machinery.

China's construction machinery parts industry has always had the characteristics of "big enterprises are not willing to do, small enterprises can not do". In order to solve the problem of backward parts, leading domestic construction machinery enterprises such as XCMG, Liugong and Zoomlion began to increase the research and development of parts.

The key parts of construction machinery are the foundation, support and bottleneck of the development of construction machinery products. When the construction machinery develops to a certain stage, the high-tech research of the industry mainly focuses on the key parts of engine, hydraulic, transmission and control technology. Mastering and relying on high-quality and characteristic key parts has become the strategic way for manufacturers to seek "a unique branch". Luo Baihui, a member of the association, said that the whole machine enterprises in the industry should take the lead in establishing a technology alliance to tackle key technical problems of key parts. Generally, there are three development paths of domestic mechanical parts.

One is to choose joint venture. However, the joint venture does not necessarily lead to the acquisition of key technologies. It is rare for foreign companies to hand over the mechanical technology achievements they have studied for many years to the Chinese side. Moreover, under the situation that many technologies have been monopolized, overseas enterprises will not import technologies into China.

Second, Chinese enterprises enhance their technological capabilities by controlling overseas factories. Such examples include Zoomlion's acquisition of CIFA of Italy, Beijing No.1 Machine Tool Plant's acquisition of wadericksburg of Germany, and Shenyang Machine Tool Group's acquisition of heath of Germany. However, the Chinese companies that are going to be acquired must go through years of development and have corresponding capital and management experience.

Third, relying on independent research and development. At present, Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., which focuses on the manufacturing of mining equipment, Jianghuai Power Co., Ltd., which develops engine parts, Tianma Co., Ltd., which produces bearings, and axletree Technology Co., Ltd., are constantly investing in the research and development of basic parts with technical content.

In addition to some enterprises specializing in parts, machine manufacturers also focus on the production of core parts. Because the development of basic components, not only related to the whole machine enterprise procurement cost reduction, but also reflected in other aspects.

After the high-end technology manufacturing of basic parts is put in China, a large number of equipment and technology supporting the parts will gradually mature. For example, after Liugong introduced the joint venture production of "gearbox" company from overseas, some domestic castings and heat treatment technology for gearbox have also been fully developed.

After the matching basic parts of the whole machine enterprises keep up with each other, it can help the company reduce inventory and capital occupation.

Throughout the country, the current construction machinery parts manufacturers are still only busy with their own race enclosure, crane clam rivalry. Although the traditional machine, such as loaders, bulldozers and other key parts matching, using their own scale and marketing means, has an absolute competitive advantage; but in such as pavers, concrete machinery used to import key parts, coupled with years of digestion and innovation based on the introduction of technology.

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